Marriage equality OK

BALLARAT councillors have united to show support for same-sex marriage after a woman told an emotional tale of receiving a homophobic flyer.

Photographer and filmmaker Michelle Dunn told Wednesday night’s council meeting she had endured countless offensive comments and had been verbally abused since she and her wife came to Ballarat three years ago.

Ms Dunn, 35, said she had been distressed to find the offensive pamphlet in her letterbox that urged residents to rank federal Labor MP for Ballarat Catherine King last on voting slips.

“Catherine King voted for same-sex marriage but man-woman marriage is special because ‘I need my mum and dad’,” the flyer said next to a picture of a young girl.

Ms Dunn, who celebrated her five-year wedding anniversary last Friday, called on the council to stand up for marriage equality.

“It’s time for our leaders in Ballarat to be brave, because people like my wife and I need to be brave every day living here and we need our community behind us,” she said.

Council voted unanimously to publicly support marriage equality.


This article originally appeared on page 7 of The Courier newspaper on 28 November 2014.

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