Mothers publish book to support charities

TWO Bacchus Marsh mothers have turned an inspirational verse they painted on a board in the backyard into a children’s book for charity.

Tammy Bennett and Nerissa Kennedy co-wrote and self-published the nursery rhyme-inspired book I Found the Answer.

Ms Bennett said the pair wanted to tell children around the world they were ‘stars’.

“Twinkle, twinkle little star goes ‘how I wonder what you are’,” Ms Bennett said.

“They [the children] don’t need to wonder any more. It’s them.”

The duo dressed people’s hair with feathers at major music festivals over the past three years to raise the money needed to publish 6000 books in Australia.

Half of the sale proceeds from the book – more than $15,000 – will be given to global not-for-profit charity Save the Children.

The book was launched in August, in time for the National Children’s Week celebrations in October.

Ms Bennett said the interactive book, in which children can draw a picture of themselves at the end, was just the beginning of the I Found the Answer project.

She said the duo also planned to produce pendants with uplifting messages and star T-shirts to help support various children’s foundations.

“We want to create things that inspire children,” Ms Bennett said.

I Found the Answer costs $10 and is available through or


This article originally appeared on page 14 of The Courier newspaper on 20 November 2014.

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